ARIES (March 21-April 21)



Sign of fire dominated by Mars and Pluto, it possesses a great force, enthusiasm, energy and initiative to obtain the wished thing, which also implies a lot of irrationality and rainfall. It is the first sign of the zodiac, spring symbol, therefore of the impulse, of the energy, of the courage, of the value. For it many persons define them as egocentric. To the being such a passional sign, the unevenness is very pronounced, going on from the euphoria to almost depressive states. In the work since in the life it tends to assume the leader's role, for it professionally politician or actor is in the habit of being him as designer, representative, writer, attorney, and almost always with charges of responsibility. It is the most vital sign and they tend to canalize his energy in the sport. Sometimes it expresses in sudden and violent way, lives through the loving passions with the rage of the arrow wound, basic and ardent, though he is not precisely a model of loyalty. Aries loves the risk and the speed, and can be developed perfectly in his chaos and particular disorder. Aries must monitor, overcoat, with the most troublesome headaches. The most fascinating thing of this one sign resides in the unpredictability that ends in aggressiveness and adorable weakness at the same time.


 Seducing him: Do not rush and leave you to conquer, proving to be intelligent, different and exciting to be his ideal type type. Be sincere and affectionate and try not to stop him.


 Seducing her: Her ideal type they are the sports men and with the ideas very clear, or as unforseeable as she (though with the above mentioned it ends up by being a relation of love-hatred). In spite of the liberal thing that seems in occasions, she wants to be loved, spoilt and treated like to a princess.

AriesCuadro de texto: Station: Spring

Day of the week: Tuesday  
Planet: Mars 

Element: Fire 

Stone of the fortune: Diamond and Amethyst 
Color: Red 

Metal: Iron  

Anatomy: Head 

Opposite and complementary sign: Libra
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